A Holiday for Brooklyn: Workout Tips for Vacations

Phew! What a busy six weeks it has been!

From recitals and finals on the home front to Christmas in Florida, Team Welsh has been anything but still!

Working out while traveling (and keeping a Weimaraner active before and after a 17-hour road trip!) can be challenging. But in our case, we traveled home to our old stomping ground and familiar running spots. It’s one of the things I look forward to most when back in our home Sunshine State!

Florida temps mostly hovered around the low 80s, so we took full advantage of morning runs followed by a quick dip in the pool, barefoot walks on the beach, shady trail runs, and sweaty outdoor circuit workouts.

Here are my tips for holiday and vacation workouts:

  1. Research the area! When we visited Austin, I couldn’t wait to run around Lady Bird Lake! Barring extreme weather conditions, get outside and enjoy the natural beauty of your destination! Some of my favorite running spots in Central Florida include the Seminole Wekiva Trail, Lake Baldwin Trail, the neighborhoods of Winter Park, and my parents’ neighborhood. I always love to squeeze in a beach run when I can, too!
  2. Hold your plans loosely! T-Hubs and I waited until returning home to start our new training plans and schedules. While in Florida, we just made a point to be active every day. This allowed us to be flexible about the activities and schedules our families had planned while still prioritizing workouts. Squeezing in a 20-mile run while home for a few days may be a bit much. If you can help it, time those intentional workouts for when you’re back in a routine.
  3. Get creative! We received numerous workout equipment for Christmas, so T-Hubs and I had fun trying out our (okay, his!) medicine ball, jump rope, and kettle bell! No gym, no problem! If you weren’t quite as lucky with your Christmas haul, you could still take advantage of bodyweight HIIT workouts. We’ve been enjoying creating our own circuits for cross-training days.
  4. Make it a family affair! Bike ride together, chase your nieces and nephews in their electric Hummer, play tag, take the whole crew on a canoeing adventure, etc.
  5. Live a little! Don’t forget that holidays and vacations are about creating memories with your family, not proving to the world that you have tremendous self-discipline. You’d better believe we enjoyed our Christmas cookies and Tijuana Flats tacos with queso and family ice cream and movies! No, I’m not advocating gluttony. Yes, your personal goals are important. But the condition of our hearts far supersedes the condition of our bodies. So be active. Enjoy the holiday. And embrace all aspects of your vacation!

Enjoy a few photos and videos from our time in Florida!

More on our 2017 plans later!















Photo credit: @johnathangarrett


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