Marathon Blues

They’re a real thing, ya’ll.

I miss Chicago and that whole weekend experience.


After hours of training, miles of pushing your body further than you thought you could, and a few weeks of intentional recovery, you feel the letdown after a big race.


Don’t get me wrong; you stay on that marathon high for about two weeks. And then…

Suddenly a three-mile run feels hard.

Your energy takes longer than you’d like to return, and your times feel draggingly slow.

Then you throw a three-week sinus infection and three rounds of medication on top of all that, and a whole month has gone by without any sense of “normal.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked Tyler to slow down on our runs this past month, or how many times I’ve said, “I can’t believe I ran 26.2 miles just a few weeks ago.”

I’m a marathoner.

But over the last few weeks I sure haven’t felt like one. I’ve slept when I normally would have been up with the sun. I’ve ditched the post-work workouts for pizza and Netflix. And I’ve stayed home from long runs to let my body recover.

And I’m slowly learning that’s okay.

My tendency is to overwork and overextend until something snaps. My first round of marathon training was coupled with graduate school music auditions (and thus severe anxiety) and landed me in the hospital for seven days.

I’m not invincible, and I was never created to be.

These are hard good words for me to type.

Over the last six weeks, I’ve focused on getting well, strength training, and family running just for fun. Oh, and painting and redecorating our family room. You know, stuff normal people do. And I’ve been happy. This break from training has helped me remember I am not defined by my times or mileage. I’ve enjoyed HIIT workouts for the first time ever, I’ve been back in the saddle on my QR, I’ve made it to the pool, and I’ve even had time to drink my coffee slowly in the morning before my daily grind kicks in.

With that said, I am now truly itching to get back to it! Brook and I are running our first-ever half marathon (race) together on Turkey Day! Time to hit the lake for a handful of joyous miles!










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