Motivation Monday on a Tuesday

Looks like I missed the window of opportunity for busting out a Monday post. Consider this my recap of Monday.

Yesterday I completed my final 10+ training run before the big day. Next week my longest run will peak at 10 miles, and the following week at 8. I’ll continue basic speed, strength, and strides while also focusing even more on hydration, nutrition, and recovery (more on my new favorite cookbook later!).

Yesterday was the kind of day that reminded me how stinkin’ hard this whole marathon thing is. (Thank you, Texas, for your 100+ degree days and insane humidity in late September!) But it also reminded me how important and worth it this entire venture is. Sometimes it helps to take a globalized view and remember it’s not about me. (I strongly suggest this MO when you’re swimming in 91% humidity for 12 miles!) I am truly honored to run this race in the memory of my grandparents and in support of the Alzheimer’s Association. Being part of a team and part of a larger cause means that I choose to stick it out on those wicked hot runs. That I choose to find the silver lining when I’d rather complain. That I hit the pavement when I’d rather hit the couch. That I run through the tears on that 20-miler.

I’ve been supported and encouraged along the way by my ALZ Stars team. We have a private Facebook group where all our members post about their weekly long runs, share their family stories, dialogue about training questions/suggestions, and just generally encourage one another. I am so looking forward to meeting my teammates at our team events marathon weekend. It will be a privilege to wear my ALZ Stars jersey on race day, and you can bet I’ll be looking for my teammates in purple, to cheer them on, too!

Love you, Papa and Grams, and I look forward to the day when all will be made well (Revelation 21:1-7).






And that is why I 6AM and 91% humidity.



View my team’s page here!

What motivates you?

Have you ever run for a cause? 

How do you make it through those tough workouts?


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