Austin Adventures

Two weeks ago, we took an impromptu, 48-hour vacation to Austin. Since moving to Texas two years ago, we’ve only seen a handful of cities in our new state. We decided to explore Austin before I headed back to school.

Brook was a bit concerned we’d forget to pack her (like when we went to Lubbock), so she was sure to pack herself into the wagon.


I love road trips, especially when the whole family is involved and T-Hubs drives the entire way. My favorites are coordinating the snacks, taking all the pictures, and choosing the audio books. The lack of A/C this time around was a bit of a downer, so we were thankful our trip was a few short hours.



Sleepy pup!

  1. The Hotel

We stayed at Hotel Van Zandt, a Kimpton hotel, and couldn’t have loved it more! Did I mention that it was dog friendly at no additional charge? Brook wasn’t sure what to think of being on the 9th floor, but she definitely loved the bed! Our good-looking dog fit right in at this fashionable and chic hotel.

Hotel highlights included:

  • Social hour — free drinks!
  • Coffee hour — all the coffee options and little muffins
  • Great lighting
  • Our hotel restaurant breakfast
  • The fabulous service we received every time we went in or out — it reminded me of Disney hospitality!
  • The workout room
  • Courtesy bikes for riding around the city
  • An amazing rooftop pool that we only got to look at, thanks to the rain (next time!)

Hotel bummers:

  • No free breakfast (I packed oatmeal for Ty and chia seeds for me)
  • An unwelcome and surprisingly overnight parking fee
  • Nothing else!




Record player playin’ tunes


Bikes for riding!



Zoom in to see the material on these chandeliers!


Social hour day 1




Hotel restaurant


Elevator rides


Someone liked the shower 🙂


Social hour day 2


Loved this wall decor!

2. The Workouts

It was pouring when we woke up Monday morning, and my dream of two laps — 20 miles total — around the Lady Bird Trail was looking more and more unrealistic. And our hotel bed was looking more and more comfortable by the minute! We braved the elements to let Brook out, made a game plan while we drank our coffee, and then hit the gym to set our plan in motion. Ty ran alongside me for ten “dreadmill” miles, and then we hit up the rainy and muddy Lady Bird for “lap two.” He rode a hotel bike while I ran Brook, and we had a blast once we just embraced the fact that we were going to be wet! 🙂 The rain let up for about half the time, and we only got soaked on the last few miles. We both loved the fact that it wasn’t 100+ degrees for the first time in over two weeks.

The second morning, I hit the workout room for an indoor recovery ride. 40 minutes of spinning and some good stretching later, my legs felt incredibly better!



Treadmill running with my date!


Hydrating on the run!


Ty’s hot ride!


On the Lady Bird Trail!


Beautiful Austin in the background!

3. The Food

As mentioned earlier, our hotel didn’t include a complimentary breakfast. With a scheduled twenty-mile run, you can bet that I also had some creative breakfast plans. I simply packed instant oatmeal for Tyler and chia seeds for me. I bought one large cup of milk from the hotel cafe and split it between my two mornings. I soaked my chia seeds overnight and kept my pudding cold in our mini fridge.

Where we ate:

  • Frank’s — the perfect hot food after a 20-mile run and a rainy walk through downtown
  • Via 313 — some of the best GF pizza I’ve ever had. Pricy, considering it was from a food truck, but amazing nonetheless!
  • Our hotel restaurant — we chose to try out their breakfast menu, and it was sublime!
  • Guero’s Taco Bar — the best LEGIT Mexican food I’ve had in Texas yet!

Nosy Weim wants my breakfast!


Gluten-free Pizza from a food truck?


The best thick crust I’ve ever had!


Loaded chili cheese waffle fries from Frank’s! Get in my belly!


Quite a unique menu!


My hotel breakfast! Those potatoes were especially amazing!


Ty choose the french toast!


Tamales from Guero’s!

4. The Sights

  • Lady Bird Trail — can’t wait to go back and run this again when it’s not raining. I loved seeing so much of the city, and the lakefront view did my soul good!
  • 6th street walking, shopping, exploring, and coffee drinking!
  • Congress Ave driving — we glimpsed the State Capitol from the car (darn rain!)
  • Congress Ave Bridge bat watching — 1.5 million bats live around this bridge and at dusk they wake up to feed. It was a cloudy evening, but we still loved this!
  • Lake Bonnell — beautiful view of the city!

Seen on 6th Street


Capitol drive by!


View from Congress Ave bridge



Waiting for the bats!


Bat crowd!


Steps up to Mt. Bonnell


Too many steps after 20 miles! 😉


Storm is a’comin’


Beautiful Brook on Mt. Bonnell!


The houses on the water were gorgeous!




The whole fam damily!

While the weather certainly was a disappointment, we simply embraced the rain and then enjoyed relaxing in our lovely hotel. We can’t wait to go back again!

Have you been to Austin? What are your favorite places to visit there?
Do you run when you travel? Where are you favorite places to run?


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